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Just got back from vacation. Spent much of my down time polishing off a book which reprinted all the 1970's Weird Western Comics starring Jonah Hex. This was my first exposure to that character....loved every frame of every story.
The early issues were penciled and inked by a Filipino comic-book named Tony DeZuniga.  I was only familiar with his late '70's Thor work where he inked over John Buscema and then penciled several issues. I believe he also worked on the black and white, magazine sized, Punisher books from that era as well?
I always liked his after seeing his Jonah Hex work...I'm a huge fan.
If you haven't read these issues...find them!
Needless to I can't wait to see the Jonah Hex movie!
June 14, 2010
Guys!  I've been keeping a sketch book in my car!  The benefit:  When your lady friend wants to go shopping...let her!  You can stay put in the car and get some drawings started!  Many of my latest Deviant Art drawings were started while letting my lady enjoy her shopping sprees....meanwhile...I was getting some work accomplished!  It's a win/win situation!  
Please thank me in the future!
Wow...another Joe Kubert School year has flown by!  It was an honor to work with this great group of talented individuals!  I wish them all the best!  
Before the school year had ended, I outlined two goals that I had this summer.  One was to create as many prints for both this Deviant Art site, and, to have prints available for sale at comic book conventions.  I've taken the first three weeks of my time off, (before my Summer Camp schedule kicks in) and, am working into the wee hours of the morning to accomplish this task.  Thanks to this site, I'm seeing that many people are enjoying what I'm producing. Prints of these items can be purchased through the mail.  If interested, please contact me at
I'm also open to commissioned pieces of art as well.
The other goal was to finish up my latest installment of my Comic Book series...Jump Back Adventures #5.  Yes...these books can be purchased through the mail.  If interested, please contact me at  I can fill you in on the cost of the items.
Thank you.
Doug Baron
May 29, 2009
The Hawthorne High School Comic Con is going to happen on Saturday, May 9. There's a $4.00 entrance fee.  Lots of great artists and writers. I will be there as well. For more information check out…